Art with Mrs. Ence



Students, here are some additional lessons for you to work during on during the next few weeks when you have finished your class work, or when you need a break to explore a creative outlet!  

Also, Deep Space Sparkle is hosting a 'Draw Along' every weekday at 11am MST on their facebook page,

  Simply tune in at 11am each weekday for a live art tutorial.  All of the projects use basic art supplies and can be adapted to suit your skills and available art mediums.  If you miss the live tutorial, no worries, all the videos will be posted on their website under the 'Free Projects' tab found here

I know you are all working very hard, but don't forget to take some time and GET CREATIVE!!  I promise you will be more focused and do better work if you allow your brain some time to utilize it's creativity.   

Best Wishes, Mrs. Ence

Online Art Lessons - Weeks 1 & 2

Sketchbook - "How To"

If you need help with any lessons, or a printed copy of these worksheets, please contact Mrs. Ence

If your child completes art projects during our virtual homeschooling, I encourage you to take a picture and send it to my email.  I would love to see what my students are creating at home!  Also, if your child would like additional lessons appropriate for their age, or that use a specific art medium, don't hesitate to email me directly and I would be happy to share additional art lessons with you.

Also, for students who are looking for additional projects, please check out the following links:

Deep Space Sparkle - Art Lessons for Children

Art for Kids Hub - Art Tutorials for Children

*Parents, please be aware that these sites are child appropriate, but they require the use of Youtube, which does offer content that is not always appropriate for our children.  So, please monitor your children if they are utilizing these resources!