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Oak Hills Elementary front of school
Oak Hills Elementary Playground Equipment
Oak Hills Elementary front of school

Principal's Information

Name: Mike Page

Phone Number: 801-402-1650

Email: mpage@dsdmail.net

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To learn something new, you need to try new things and not be afraid to be wrong. Roy T. Bennett

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What's Happening at Oak Hills Elementary


We just received news that our school has been awarded the Innovative School Grant in an amount of $5,000! We are very grateful to those who generously give to this program. We are also grateful to the Board of Directors of the Davis Education Foundation who approved the grant. With money raised from the Wasatch Savings fundraiser and this grant, we will be able to purchase 22 student laptops and a laptop cart!


All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think. Ken Robinson

Oak Hills Elementary By The Numbers

2 Mascots - the Acorn & the Eagle!

66%, 65% & 70% Our percentage of students proficient in Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science, respectively, during the 2016-2017 school year.

1964 The year Oak Hills Elementary first opened--our school is 54 years old! 

57 Number of student devices we purchased through the generosity of technology grant programs, the school district, and our community last year. 

7,842 The number of items we collected to donate to children in Zimbabwe through our charity drive for Eyes 4 Zimbabwe!